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Top African restaurants in Germany where you can find African food

Top African restaurants in Germany: Africans in Germany looking for an experience of African cooking just to feel like home need to check out these amazing restaurants. All of them are black-owned!! Here’s a list of the best African restaurants for African cuisines in Germany:

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Pan African

The Pan African is a restaurant in Berlin owned by Frank Anyangbe. The menu offers freshly prepared vegan, vegetarian and meat products. There is a food a selection of African wines, Beers, soft drinks and cocktails.

Opening times are between Tuesday -Sunday from 4PM -10PM. The restaurant also does take-aways for those in a hurry or on the run, or if you just need to enjoy your meal at home.

The eatery also does deliveries and has been operational despite the current pandemic. They also offer catering services!!

Ebe Ano

Ebe Ano is a Nigerian restaurant in Berlin Wilmersdorf. For Nigerians in Germany living in Berlin, this is an amazing place for you to try out some amazing Nigerian food and have that taste of home.

The restaurant serves authentic, specially Nigerian and West African dishes. You can also rent out the location for birthday parties, graduations ceremonies etc. The eatery also allows you to order out the catering for private celebrations.

Tembo African Restaurant and Bar

Tembo African Restaurant by Sharifa Muthoni Wangari in Charlottenburg, Berlin is a great East African Restaurant in Germany owned by a kenyan.

Tembo Restaurant Bar serves East African cuisines, with meal like Ugali, beef and fried fish, you’re sure to feel like you’re home.

The African restaurant has even hosted Kenyan BBC anchor Larry Madowo.

Afro-Restaurant Bantou Village

The African restaurant Bantou Village is a Cameroonian restaurant located in Kameruner Straße in Wedding, Berlin-Wedding that focuses on African culture.

The word “Bantou” means nothing else: solidarity and belonging. The owner, Suzanne Saitz, sees her restaurant as a medium that aims to encourage encounters between different people from different cultures.

The restaurant gives you options for all prices and allows you to taste the finest of African cuisine. It prides itself on fresh and traditional recipes. These include spicy soups, grilled fish, lamb and beef as well as finger foods.

All meals are accompanied by fried plantain with every main course!!

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Afropot Berlin

Afropot Berlin in Kreuzberg offers African meals with an option of pickup or delivery. The restaurant thrives on leaving you with memories of Africa or to introduce you to Africa for the experience of the rich tastes of the continent.

It is a street kitchen that serves rice dishes, other African Meals; soups and sauces.

A look into the Afropot Berlin’s menu.

La Villageoise

La Villageoise in Frankfurt is a Cameroonian Barbecue spot that definitely has the hearts of many. The restaurant boasts an outside siting area that can be used to host events, parties, birthdays and so much more.

The restaurant offers the option of take-aways should you want to dine at home or elsewhere. It is also the best place for a romantic dinner with a loved one to rekindle the heart.

Horizon Flavours

Horizon flavours restaurant in Karlsruhe. The restaurant provides daily balanced and classic meals that have an enticing aroma. They pride themselves in quality, aroma to the food graced with a superb environment.

Upon request the restaurant provides home services and are readily available to cater for small and large scale events such as weddings, seminars, meetings, birthdays etc.

Didi Pa Berlin

Didi Pa originates from the Ghanaian Twi language and translates to ‘eat well’Come and experience the truly authentic taste of West-African cuisine in the heart of Berlin-Neukölln.

Lalibela Berlin

Lalibela Berlin is an Ethiopian restaurant that let’s you immerse yourself in the culinary worlds of Ethiopia while being in Berlin. It offers Ethiopian Food & Drinks.

The restaurant is also offers vegan options that will have you licking lips an staying healthy.

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