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About Afronews

At Afronews we bring African Germans all the practical news, latest events, informative guides and entertaining stories from Germany, Africa and Europe |

Afronews means to be a social, legal and cultural point of reference for Africans and people of African descent living in Europe who are seeking solutions to common problems faced in the diaspora. Afronews covers legal news, migration news, community news and news from Africa.

Afronews stands by African communities as well as other migrant communities in Europe in fighting for fair immigration policies. It helps African migrants in Europe go through the ever complex bureaucratic procedures and have basic knowledge of immigration rules and laws by publishing simple legal guide articles. It is also the place to learn your rights as a migrant in Germany and Europe, and what to do in case they are violated. The newspaper highlights cases of racism and tirelessly fights this wild beast.

Afronews promotes activities of black and African communities in Germany; it celebrates the achievements and outstanding performance of its community members and features all emerging African talents in Europe. 

Our top priority is to connect men and women of the African diaspora. Afronews covers and promotes activities of African and black communities in Germany and all over Europe. It celebrates the achievements and outstanding performance of community members and features all emerging African talents in Europe.

Afronews is published by New European Media Ltd Editor-in-chief is Stephen Ogongo, Kenyan-born award-winning journalist and academic, founder of Cara Italia and activist for the rights of fellow Africans and of all migrant communities in Europe. 

Stephen Ogongo, Editor of AfroNews has received several awards and recognitions for the newspaper role in serving African communities in Europe. They include: Journalism Merit Award: Best Community Newspaper: BEFFTA Awards, UK; Best African Journalist: African Europe Multiple Yearly Awards, Spain; Media and Communication Award: African Achievers Awards, UK; The Voice Achievers Awards: Netherlands, etc.



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