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Why Africans should support global fight against racism – Ghanaian minister Oteng Gyasi

Ghanaians and other Africans have been urged to join the global fight against injustice by Ghanaian minister Oteng Gyasi.

At a recent memorial ceremony in honour of George Floyd, the black man who was killed by police in the United States, Ghana’s Minister of Tourism, Barbara Oteng Gyasi told GhanaWeb that there was need of celebrating the life of Floyd who gave us his life through a very cruel means.

She pointed to the struggles and challenges that are facing Africans all over the world and not just those who belong to the African Diaspora community. A lot of Africans abroad are suffering injustices.

Ghanaian minister Oteng Gyasi on celebrating the life of George Floyd

A very good example is with the coronavirus pandemic and how some Africans were being denied access to basic amenities by getting kicked out of their houses ad even not gaining entry into malls and other shops in China.

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“You may not live in America but when you go to America you also experience that racism even for that short period you may be there just as a tourist or visitor…we need to support our brothers to make sure that there is a change, to make sure that there is a new order in the USA and across the world for black people. Until we are able to achieve that, we all will be subjugated to the same treatment that they are living with on a daily basis.”


Regardless of where you from if you are black person you are an African and that is the message we want people to understand.

The minister added the saying that one who condones evil is just as guilty as the one who perpetrates it that is why it is right not only for Derek Chauvin to be charged but all his accomplices who together with him ensured that Goerge Floyd’s life came to a premature end

Source: Ghana Web