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Racethink dinner in Viersen, Germany to address The Myth of the Strong, Aggressive Black woman

Elizabeth Horlemann
“The Myth of The Strong Black Woman” event to be hosted by Elizabeth Horlemann

African Events Germany: The myth of the strong, aggressive black woman. Racethink dinner will be hosting a black, indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) awareness event dubbed “The Myth of the Strong, Aggressive Black Woman” on 16th July 2022 from 14.00HRS to 17:00 HRS.

Those who want to attend can do so either online or physically. The whole discussion will be held in English but German translations will be available.

To attend the event online, CLICK HERE to register. Those who are interested to attend the event offline should reach out to Mrs Horlemann through her WhatsApp +4917624564972 for her home address is where the discussion will be taking place.

For those who will be able to join the event physically, they will have the discussion over a mouth-watering Kenyan meal “Nyama Choma” prepared by chef Gillian Piroth, CEO and founder of My Ethnic Cooking and Catering.

Meet Elizabeth Horlemann host of raceThink Round table Dinner events

Ms Horlemann, who is the host, founder and initiator of the raceThink Roundtable Dinner Events, is a certified trainer for intercultural communication, critical whiteness and country analysis training.

The training offers companies, institutions and individuals strategic methods to work effectively with diverse and inclusive teams.

Ms Horlemann believes that you can’t change what you don’t know, hence creating safe spaces for people to have uncomfortable discussions about racism over dinner.

Ms Horlemann’s newly designed holistic approach to critical whiteness training offers strategic methods that include knowledge, change and an implementation plan.

What are some of the topics that will be discussed?

Some of the key discussions that will take place are;

  • Trying to understand where the theme of the strong, aggressive black women originated from and how this theme has impacted generations of black women both physically and mentally.
  • The discussion will further try to come up with ways and ideas how the image of the strong aggressive black woman can be deconstructed and finding a healthy balance for the new age strong black woman.
  • Other than that, they will also try and come up with ways how black women can prioritise self-care and self-love and how the white people can support healthy ideals for BIPOC women.

Victoria Nyanga Ndiaye, founder and CEO OF Project Esperanza, will be joining the event online. She will be talking about mental health issues that the myth of the strong aggressive black woman perpetuates.

Ms Horlemann will also be launching SANKOFA CRT Masterclass aimed at offering anti-racism workshops and mindset change workshops to create anti-racism working environments.

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