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  • Lufthansa Resumes Flights to Nigeria

    EU: Stranded Ghanaians who live in Europe now returned home

    About 2,000 Ghanaians who could not return to various countries in Europe where they reside because of Covid-19 travel restrictions have been evacuated to their destinations. They were evacuated under an exercise collaborated by Ghana, the Spanish, Italian and German Embassy, as well as the British High Commission and the Joy Diaspora Consult. They were […] More

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    Important changes to migrant and labour laws in Germany

    Germany has approved and changed many laws that will be implemented this year, this is meant to make life easier for migrants in Germany. Here is a brief look at the most important changes. Skilled Immigration Act Germany has introduced the Skilled Immigration Act, which is a new law to help the country handle shortage […] More

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    Germany: International students experience delayed visa

    International students looking to study in Germany face growing hurdles to securing visas as their appointments take a long to be set. At 24 German embassies and diplomatic missions in 2018, students had to wait over eight weeks before they received an appointment to even apply for a visa, the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung newspaper reported. Students in […] More

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    Stricter citizenship rules to be enforced in Germany

    Stricter citizenship rules are being enforced in Germany which will make it harder for foreign nationals to attain citizenship. Today in Germany foreigners are generally eligible for German citizenship if they have lived in the country for eight years or more. False identity The stricter rules mean to deter asylum seekers from providing false information […] More