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10 mistakes Africans make when first relocating to Germany

10 mistakes Africans make when first relocating to Germany
10 mistakes Africans make when first relocating to Germany.

Africans in Germany. Many African choose to relocate from one’s country, or even continent, in search of greener pastures either in terms of employment or education or other opportunities. For people moving to Germany, this might be an nice handbook towards what mistakes you should not make when first relocating shared by an amazing group of Africans in Germany:

Some of these tips could relate solely with Africans in Germany and some can be translated into different views for different people, the message is as one chooses to interpret it in the most positive way.

Common mistakes Africans make when first relocating to Germany:

1. Failure to learn the language

There is a fear of not wanting to learn the language or assuming it is complicated to pick up on. The worst thing one can do is not learn the language as it is tied to communication and it is also very important in the job market.

Many employers will favour expats who have made an effort to learn the language as compared to those who do not.

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2. Focusing on making money instead of learning a skill

Africans relocating to Germany are encouraged to pursue career options in the country that can lead them to earning money and also becoming financially stable. Learning a skill enables you to have the potential to grow your worth in the job market but also affords you the potential to be a resource to Germany.

3. Lack of independence and failure to do research

It is very easy to fall into a trap or to find yourself in a sticky situation if you are not independent minded and hence cannot make decisions for yourself based on what is good for you. As an African in Germany, you can end up being coerced into a decision that could determine the beginning of your life and can set you on the wrong path. for e.g. for those who have a passion for computer engineering and are steered towards nursing can end up in a career they have no passion about and lead miserable lives.

4. Believing in prejudices and assumptions

It is also very easy to find yourself in a situation where you are operating based off of someone else’s ideas and ideals and hence it is important that you look inwards and ask yourself what really you want to achieve in this new country and what opportunities are laid out for you and what do you want to make of the new life you now have in Germany.
Being influenced is very easy, but what kind of influence do you want over you?

5. Lacking self love and appreciation

Life in Germany can be different or similar to where you are coming from dependent on what life you were leading. Many Africans are pressured or feel pressured to submit remittances back home when they themselves are not taking care of themselves. Do not end up constantly sending money back home without also watching out for yourself and your well-being.

This brings up the conversation around Black tax. What is Balck tax? Find out below:

What Is the Black Tax?

The Black tax refers to the financial burden borne by Black people who have achieved a level of success and who provide support to less financially secure family members. These monetary transfers are generally made between middle class and well-to-do Black people and relatives who are struggling to make ends meet.

The term encompasses not only the financial transactions but also the toll that it takes on the well-off family member, who may be unable to build wealth in the same way as their peers who don’t share the same financial obligation.

6. Converting EUR to your home currency

Converting EUR to your home currency every time you make a purchase an item helps one to be mindful, but this is a behaviour that can really make you miss out on buying things you need. The economies are not the same and converting to your home currency could even lead to heartbreak…

There are unnecessary things you would spend money on but when you check or convert it to your home country money and see how much it is worth you won’t spend it .There’s no argument on this, it definitely helps to cut down unnecessary expenses.

7. Looking down on fellow Africans, other black people and people of African descent

Africans, other black people and people of African descent can end up being one’s best ally and also could be the best people to associate with to remind you of home and also to show you around. Seeking relationships with other Africans and people of African descent can also lead to one feeling a sense of familiarity and can reduce feelings of loneliness.

Meeting people who look like you is an important experience but also don’t miss out on the chance to meet other people from different cultures and pick up ques from them.

8. Spending beyond your means

Learn to limit your spending and be cautious of it, especially when you have not started earning. There’s also an excitement to taking items, pieces or devices on credit assuming paying back will be easy, you then end up getting court letters and incur extra problems.

Learn to live within your means and scale up so you can earn more.

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9. Have a fear of applying for white collar jobs

One of the things that people often need help with when moving to Germany is how to find a job to be able to earn a living. What do you need and where can you get it?

“Don’t let your requirements deter you from applying for the job.” If you come across a job that you like and you want to apply for, it is best to show how you are suitable for the job despite not having all the qualifications. Leverage on the qualities you posses and what you can demonstrate as a great resource.

Explain how you would be the best fit for the job and how and what your backing is for it. The main goal is to get invited for the interview and from then you can explain yourself.

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10. Lack of interest in learning the culture and how systems work

Learning the culture, systems and way of life can be the best for anyone moving to Germany. This allows you to be able to navigate life in this new country and also saves you the time of getting something wrong that can cost you a lot.

There are different ways that people in Germany do things and this is very common to any place you might end up relocating to or visiting.

We hope these tips and tricks help you navigate your new life in Germany a bit easier and help you settle in! If you have any you’d love us to add email me here: