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How to help Africans from Ukraine in Germany – CONTACTS

HELP FOR AFRICANS FROM UKRAINE IN GERMANY – a forum that brings together associations and individuals in the German-African community in support of Africans from Ukraine who are currently in Germany as a result of the war has been formed.

A forum created to help Africans from Ukraine in Germany.

The forum, HELP FOR AFRICANS FROM UKRAINE IN GERMANY, emanated from an All-Nigerian Community meeting of 15 March 2022, convened by the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Germany e.V., at which measures to support Nigerians from Ukraine were discussed.

The forum decided to extend the scope of the initiative to cover all Africans and especially all those in dire need of support.

Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Germany e.V president, Femi Awoniyi said in a post that the organisation would regularly share information useful for Africans and others fleeing the war in Ukraine who are presently living in Germany.

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‘Moreover, we will offer other forms of support. Please feel free to make your contributions on how we can impactfully support our compatriots.’

Many Africans fleeing Ukraine after the Russian invasion have created awareness about ill treatment and racially discrimination they experienced at the border while seeking refuge and safety and hence there arose the hashtag #africansinukraine and different forums offering much needed help.

Contacts for more information:

Femi Awoniyi
Co-ordinator, HAUG
President, NIDO Germany e.V.

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