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Germany, women in Berlin face death threats, ‘honour killings’ become rampant

Women in Berlin are unsafe and receiving death threats in respect to ‘honour killings’ that now plague refugee women in Germany. Recently a Afghan woman was allegedly killed by her two brothers who then moved the body via train and hid her body.

The woman now leaves behind two children. (We wrote about it her: Shocking murder in Berlin: Two brothers murder woman who happens to be their sister, transport body in odd way)

Cases in Germany of ‘honour’ killing threats to women

According to German news media Taggesspiegel, there were again death threats against women in Berlin on Thursday 12th August and even two days before.

These were also in connection with the same sense of ‘honour’. On Thursday, an Afghan allegedly threatened his wife, who was separated from him, that he would kill her.

The man who wanted to attack the woman wanted to break into the communal shelter in an eastern district where the woman, an Iran native, currently resides.

The security staff made sure the safety of the woman was paramount and prevented the man from access. Before the police came, the man fled.

He was reported on. A few days earlier he was said to have threatened his wife with murder via a family member and at the time he was abraod.

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In the past, it was noted, that the woman’s husband is said to have threatened the woman with death several times. The police confirmed the operation was because of the the threat of domestic violence.

The Afghan and the Iranian had previously lived in an apartment in a shared accommodation. After the separation three years ago, the woman moved into her own apartment within the facility.

Two days earlier, a refugee from an Eastern European country threatened to murder his ex wife and her two daughters who also lived in shared accommodation. The man had wanted to show up at the accommodation but he failed to.

The woman, in fear, had turned to the management of the home and they are looking for safe accommodation.

The woman had separated from the man some time ago. He is said to have massively attacked her physically earlier. There is also a complaint against him.

It becomes very important that women know what to do in cases of domestic violence and how to make a report. We wrote about it here: How African women in Germany can prove domestic violence when making a report.

This entails what to do, how to report the crime and how best to gather ones’s evidence.

Source: Taggesspiegel