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Germany: Collision of a bus and a tram in Oberhausen, 30 people injured. Children are among the victims

Collision of a bus and a tram in Oberhausen where 30 people were injured.

German news. Collision of a bus with a tram in Oberhausen. 30 people were injured in a collision, some more seriously than most. many of the victims are children and adolescents.

In Oberhausen, a tram crashed into a bus. 30 people were injured in the collision, some seriously. Among the victims are children and adolescent.

There also needed the intervention by a medical helicopter.

According to a spokesman for the fire service in Oberhausen, one person is very seriously injured, 12 have suffered moderate injuries and 17 light injuries.

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The collision happened just before 11.00 yesterday. According to the police, the articulated bus hit the tracks just as the tram was approaching. The accident happened at the Olga-Park stop.

The fire service from Oberhausen was supported by rescuers from Duisburg and Essen.