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Divine Intelligence, new movie exposes cunning strategies used by fake and corrupt pastors – WATCH TRAILER

Divine Intelligence, a highly entertaining, enlightening and comical movie about fake pastors is set for release.


This strategically comical film full of subtle suspense primarily deals with the growing phenomenon of charlatans who use fake and corrupt strategies in the name of God to deceive the unsuspecting followers, for their parochial interest.

Divine Intelligence has been written and directed by Sammy Ankrah.

It tells the story of a corrupt man of God who tries to recruit a “bad” girl into his team of accomplices to advance his corrupt practices. He, however, has no idea of the true nature of this new recruit. The girl on the other hand, has a different expectation from what the man of God plans for her. Meanwhile, the man of God is unaware he is being investigated by a police unit one of whom is a member of his church and a close associate to him.

Mr Ankrah says the phenomenon is negatively affecting the work of genuine preachers who go about their divine calling with all good intent.

Divine Intelligence creatively exposes some of the cunning strategies that these fake and corrupt ‘men of God’ adopt to carry out such despicable activities, enabling viewers, especially those who subscribe to their services, to be aware of such schemes, so as not to fall victim to the tricks of these charlatans.

divine-intelligenceWhile stressing more on the activities of ‘False Prophets’, the film does not lose sight of the efforts of genuine men of God who go about their calling with all good intent. It also deals with other real life issues from which lessons need to be learnt by all viewers.

The film features actors from several African countries including Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Swazi. It also features British and Caribbean actors.

Divine Intelligence contains the anxiety, subtle suspense and humour.

It has been given a ‘PG’ Cinema Release Certificate by the British Board of Film Classification.

Divine Intelligence will be premiered on 22nd July 2016, at the Odeon Imax Cinema in Greenwich, Bugsby Way, London, SE10 0QJ.

Watch the trailer below

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