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Cops bust Nigerians involved in scam operations in Bangkok

The police have arrested three Nigerian scammers who have been accused of being in scam operation scamming millions from people nationwide

The scammers employed various strategies on social media to lure victims, such as promising high returns on investment and showing affection to gain trust and asking for money transfers.

The police had received a tip off from a victim and this had allowed them to track the suspect’s account to find the Nigerian scammers

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One victim in Phuket had lost over 1.4M baht (€39,629 ) and there were also other victim in Bangkok, Maha Sarakham and Samut Prakan

Nigerian man based in the US to face 3 years in jail

Police said the scammers’ account had over 286 million baht ( 80,95799 Euros) and it will be used to compensate some of the victims.