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BAMF, more than 4,000 asylum seekers marked ‘without origin’ in Germany face rejection

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) was unable to determine the origin of the applicants for more than 470 asylum seekers last year with most facing rejection for their applications due to this reason.

This information emerges from a list which goes back to a request made from the parliament room for such information.

Asylum statistics for 2020 show that ‘unexplained’ origin is given for a total of 4,535 foreigners. Majority of these refugees are applicants for asylum but according to BAMF their origin is stated unknown.

The nationality “unclear” is also entered for “persons whose information on the country of origin is refuted by the Federal Office or assessed as unbelievable without a different nationality being able to be determined at the same time”. 

In such cases, “a rejection is intended to be manifestly unfounded”. Those who do not have identification papers with them, on the other hand, do not automatically count as persons seeking protection with an unclear identity at the BAMF- Faz.

A large number of asylum seekers with ”unresolved” citizenship has been stated for years on end with around 4,000 cases per year falling under such a category.

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Since the number of those seeking protection has been decreasing every year since 2017, their share of the total number of applicants is growing.

A total of 102,581 foreigners applied for asylum in Germany for the first time in 2020. These included 26,520 applications for protection relating to children born in Germany under the age of one year.

Source: dpa, BAMF