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Job opportunities in Germany for non-German speakers: What you need to know

How to find jobs in Germany
How to find jobs in Germany

Work in Germany. How to find jobs in Germany. Is it possible to work in Germany without knowing the language? Absolutely! While the process may not be straightforward, the outlook is promising. Given the shortage of skilled workers, various industries are opening doors for individuals lacking German language proficiency to fill available positions. We outline the types of jobs you can pursue in Germany without knowing German and provide insights into the expected salaries.

Many industries employ workers who do not speak German

When seeking a permanent job in Germany, you have the flexibility to explore a range of positions and industries that don’t necessarily require proficiency in the German language. Sectors like manufacturing and logistics, catering, the care industry, and agriculture are notably receptive to individuals without German language skills. Nevertheless, opportunities also abound in other fields such as retail, cleaning, and hospitality.
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If your goal is to kickstart your professional career in Germany promptly, even without knowledge of the German language, several options are available. It’s recommended to initiate contact with the Employment Agency and explore the potential for participating in a paid German course. This step can significantly enhance your employability in the German job market.

Having a strong command of English proves to be advantageous when seeking employment without proficiency in German. Numerous companies actively seek English-speaking candidates, ranging from international corporations to small local businesses catering to international clientele. Individuals proficient in English are encouraged to explore job opportunities in these companies and submit their applications.
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What jobs can you find in Germany without knowing German?

Here are some examples of jobs you can do without knowing German:

  • In retail, for example as a salesperson in a supermarket or commercial worker
  • In the catering industry, for example as a waiter or kitchen assistant
  • In production, for example as a machine operator , in assembly or as a warehouse worker
  • In the cleaning or gardening area
  • Warehouse worker
  • In nursing as a caregiver
  • In logistics as a driver
  • In agriculture as an aid for harvesting
  • In the hotel industry as a chambermaid
  • In meat processing as a butcher
A strong command of English is advantageous when seeking employment
Having a strong command of English is advantageous when seeking employment

How much do you earn without knowing German?

Depending on qualifications, employer, and working conditions, individuals without German language skills can earn a monthly salary ranging from 1,700 to 2,200 euros. Jobs offering permanent employment contracts without language requirements can yield somewhat higher wages. Truck drivers, in particular, fare well in this regard, with salaries often ranging between 2,400 and 3,000 euros, which is not uncommon.
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At the higher end of the salary spectrum for positions that don’t necessitate German language skills are roles requiring specialized knowledge. For instance, an English-speaking programmer without knowledge of German can anticipate a salary in the vicinity of 5,000 euros.