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A Romanian and two Chechens escaped spectacularly from a maximum security prison in Austria. They made a hole in the wall

Spectacular escape from Graz-Karlau prison: three detainees – two Chechens (21 and 26 years old) and a 19-year-old Romanian – managed to escape from the maximum security prison on Saturday, October 10th!

Their escape did not last long, but it alarmed the entire Austrian prison system.

The detainees made a 30 by 30 centimeter hole in the 70 cm thick wall, directly from their cell.

Then they went through this hole and rappelled out of the building using sheets.

“They descended from 12 meters in the secure yard. When they climbed the outer wall, the alarm was triggered “, explained the director of the penitentiary, Gerhard Derler.

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The three men still managed to get over the outer wall. A little later, all three fugitives were caught.

It is now being investigated how men managed to overcome the entire system despite massive modernization in the security zone. According to Derler, this has not been the case since the early 1990s.

According to Derler, the three detainees are being held in Graz-Karlau prison for property crimes and must serve sentences of one to three years.

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The hole in the outer wall – a 19th-century brick wall – was closed again and the first steps were taken on the outer wall of the prison to make the descent impossible.

Checks were carried out in all prisons in the country on Monday. “650 guards were mobilized. All technical safety devices have been checked at national level “, explained Christina Ratz from the Ministry of Justice, quoted by More than 4,000 cells and 300 units were searched.

“Minor functional failures” were found in four prisons, the ministry also announced.