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Nigerian Media entrepreneur, Lucky Omosigho, launches new magazine in Italy

Nigerian Media entrepreneur, Lucky Omosigho launched a new magazine called Obaland Magazine opening new avenues for African artists.

Omosigho revealed that the magazine will serve the general public with loads of entertainment, news, fashion, art, culture, lifestyle, and business reports.

Lucky Omosigho’s new venture is coming on the heels of his contributions towards the growth of top entertainers and the life of Africans – most especially the Edo state.

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Speaking on the venture, Lucky Omosigho said: “Obaland magazine is established as an online media & print publication truly dedicated to public lifestyle, as we continue to celebrate entrepreneurs and celebrities as well as the future generation of the people. It holds our credibility by remaining cool, trendy, unique, and a strong business network within the entertainment and media industry.”

Obaland has been giving huge celebrity coverage to readers Nigerians in the diaspora after its formal launch in Turin, Italy.

The magazine had celebrated Nigerian greats including Davido and Juliet Esay Joseph.