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What it means to be a person of color in German film industry

People of color in the German Film industry: Sam-Ein Sachse is soon going to be launched on 23rd February. This will be one of the biggest black series in the film industry in Germany.

What it means to be a person of color in the German Film Industry

This is a real-life based story about Samuel Meffire, born in Cameroon with German parents. It is the story of Sachse becoming the first Afro-Deutsh police officer. The eight-part series tells a story story of Samuel and the difficulties he has faced from childhood to being an armed debt collector, to prison, to rehabilitation.

The series is produced by black actor and musician Tyron Ricketts schooled and raised in Australia and Germany. Netflix,Amazon and Disney are the main streaming services in Germany. A recent research done by the German-speaking film and television found out that there are stereotypes against Arabs, Muslims, black people, Asians and Turks and only a few roles are given to ethnic minorities who are mostly men. Most of the roles given to this groups include gangster roles or terrorist roles.

What being a person of color means in German film industry

According to Lara Sophie Milagro who is the co-founder of the Label Noir movement for black creatives in the film and theatre industry, tells how for you to be considered German is connected to being white.

A McKinsey study on film production in the US found that producers of color are more likely to work with directors of color. When it also comes to funding it creates more diversity as out of the 350 decision makers only ten have a migration work.

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