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Nigerian man rises to fame in Germany by balancing beer mugs on his head, while riding bicycle

Nigerian man, Mohammed Albarnawe, has made his claim in fame when he came to Germany and started balancing things on his head while riding his bicycle. Mohammed started doing this as an art form since he was a child in his hometwon Bogo on Lake Chad.

He fled Nigeria via Norway to Germany because the terrorist group Boko Haraam was trying to kill him.

“When I came to Germany, I didn’t take a language course. I approached people and this method helped me immediately to learn the language, ”says the joyful Mohammed in an conversation with Express. “People are happy when I drive past. It’s important that we also have something to laugh about. “

After his escape for his life, Mohammed first arrived in the Münsterland where he discovered his love for his favourite club Scalke 04. He was not to know more about Germany so her bought a folding bike and decided to explore.

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Mohammed told Express that since then he has been riding his bike through the cities on the weekends and looking at them through a new found love interest. He is not married nor does he have children which he equates to allow him more time to see how beautiful Germany is.

One thing is important to him: “I only balance non-alcoholic beer on my head. In Cologne it was Kölsch, of course. When I’m on the road, I have responsibility. I always drive alcohol-free. “

In addition to Munich or Düsseldorf, he also came to Cologne in a Schalke suit, where EXPRESS saw him on Venloer Strasse in Ehrenfeld at the weekend. “As a child I always heard about Cologne. The people here are open, they don’t harm me. And they are always positive, ”he explains.

Mohammed has been a little celebrity at Schalke 04 since a video of him became a hit on the Internet. He doesn’t want to talk so much about the current situation . “We win together and we lose together.”