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Romelu Lukaku makes drastic move back to Chelsea, to receive 15M

Congolese-Belgian football player for Inter-Milan, Romelu Lukaku, will be making a move to Chelsea. This will be the third time in his career for him to be returning to the club.

The negotiation for him to do the move is not over yet and might be closed in the span of a week or in the beginning of next week.

Lukaku is expected to have made the move before the European Super Cup goes against the Spanish side Villareal which is scheduled for 11th August in Belfast.

Romelu was impressed by the fervent energy that Chelsea had put into acquiring him and this had given them more grounds in his favour.

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The 28-year-old African star is convinced that he can repeat what he had done in the last two seasons with Antonio Conte and that he can compete at the highest levels both in the Premier League and in the Champions League, to open a lasting cycle with a team full of young champions.

Why is Romelu Lukaku moving to Chelsea?

Romelu Lukaku pointed out that he did not want to leave but the decision was a professional one. He is also to receive 12 million net per season plus bonuses that will bring his salary to 15, against the current 8.5 million.