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German-Gambian athlete Dennis Schroder hits back at haters in a big way. Posts several pics with luxury cars – IMAGES

Gambians in Germany: German star athlete Dennis Schroder hits back at haters who mocked him for turning down the 84M deal with pictures of him on top of a luxurious car. He also posted the memes made to make fun of him and posted then together.

The NBA athlete has been receiving a lot of lash back even from other NBA stars who say his decision to tun down the money wasn’t ‘good enough’

The star posted a while back that people should trust the process and then now posted the expensive luxury cars as a clap back.

”I’m gonna do this ONE time! Insert your best “fumbled the bag” joke here. 👇🏿 😂

It’s my birthday 🥳🎈so let’s get this over with and get back to business! Like @realcoleworld said
“Some n#%gas make millions,
other n#%gas make memes.”

We have images of the cars and the memes below:

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