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Footballer Bakery Jatta attacked by fan, throws beer mug at him

Gambian HSV attacker Bakery Jatta missed a fatal accident when a fan attacked him throwing a beer mug at him soon after the game as he left the field.

Gambian HSV attacker Bakery Jatta attacked by fan who threw a beer mug at him.

As Bakery left the field after the 65th minute he was almost hit by a beer mug as the entire HSV team was left in shock. The thrower of the mug turned himself in and was immediately taken away by law enforcement officers.

This was not the only unfortunate thing that took place that day as another fan took out a flare gun and set it off at the HSV block just missing the back gate grandstand, where many children were seated with their parents.

This spectacle was too much for the HSV board members, Jonas Boldt and Thomas Wüstefeld, who marched to the fans’ stand and had to wave them down to calm them. According to, the HSV coach Tim Walter, said that fans should bring more of their voice and colours to the stadium rather than other things.

The game had already started at a chaotic point with several fans shouting even after the whistle was blown and several cannon shots being heard just 90 seconds into the game.

As the situation became more violent, both teams had to be sent to their respective changing rooms.

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