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Former Nigerian striker Akeem Omolade found dead inside a car in Italy

Akeem Omolade
Former Nigerian striker found dead in a car in Italy

African footballers: Akeem Omolade dead. Former Nigerian striker Akeem Omolade was found dead inside a car on 13th June 2022 in Italy. According to Daily Mail, his family members said that he had complained of leg pains days before his demise.

Who is Akeem Omolade?

Omolade was born in Kaduna State in Nigeria and spent his career life in Italy. He arrived in Italy at the age of 17 years and joined Treviso football club where he made his professional debut in serie B.

He first played in the youth side before playing for Toronto FC in the team side in 2003 making his Serie A debut. Omolade made 6 appearances in official matches across 11 football clubs in Italy.

The 39-year-old is remembered for playing an active role in fighting racism in Italy. While he was young in Treviso, some ultras had targeted him due to his skin color but his teammates took to the field with their faces painted black in solidarity.

The Treviso striker also had landed on loan to the Biellese and later on to Novara before settling in Reggiana permanently. Ever since he has been low key for some years now.

In a message of condolence to the footballer’s family, President Urbano Cairo and the entire Torino Football Club said they were sharing in the pain of the Omolade’s family following the death of Akeem Omolade.

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