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Ukraine news: African students lose hope of rescue in Sumy, evacuation efforts appear to stall

African students in Ukraine: More than 1200 International students, some are African, remain trapped in Ukraine in the town of Sumy as diplomatic efforts to evacuate them and create safe pathways to escape have stalled.

African students trapped in Sumy, Ukraine lose hope of rescue amid stalled evacuation efforts.

The guardian wrote that many of the students have run out of water and are even resorting to boiling ice water, they are also running out of food.

Many have contemplated taking the tedious journey out of the city to Poltava given the desperate situation they find themselves in. They complain of the main route to the city being bombed and also the train station facing the same fate.

They have been forced to go through the forest.

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How Africans stopped from escaping war in Ukraine can get help – CONTACTS

A Nigerian student and his friends had to flee the town paying fares several times the normal amount and with nothing in form of luggage – just their documents and what little money they had left.

There were different kinds of soldiers everywhere with the car avoiding the main roads and the war-zone appearing more and more real due to the presence of tanks and soldiers holding guns. They could differentiate Ukrainian soldiers by the bands on their arms that brandished the flag.

They finally arrived in Poltava two hours later where they felt safer and things, calmer. He is now staying with a relative in Budapest after crossing the Hungarian border.

The fate of those who don’t manage to escape to safety now unknown.

How can you help African students stuck in Ukraine?

We wrote a guide on how you can help African students trapped in Ukraine here: How Africans stopped from escaping war in Ukraine can get help – CONTACTS

Some Africans online have taken up arms to ensure that fellow Africans have channels they can find help and assistance, here’s some important information on twitter for Africans in Ukraine and people with families in the country.