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Road tax, fuel prices and fines in Germany. Changes that will come into force in 2021

Road tax, fuel prices and fines in Germany – 2021 will bring some significant changes. Here are the news that all drivers in Germany must prepare for:

More expensive fuel from January 1, 2021

In the new year, refueling will be much more expensive . On the one hand, this is due to the increase in the so-called a carbon tax to 25 euros per ton, which will raise the price of gasoline by about 7 cents and diesel by about eight cents. In addition, at the beginning of the new year, the reduced VAT will disappear. As estimated by the ADAC, for both reasons, from January 1, 2021 , we will pay an average of 11 cents more for every liter of fuel in Germany ! It’s worth refueling before New Year’s Eve.

New Kfz-Steuer road tax rates

In 2021, the Kfz-Steuer road tax on cars with CO2 emissions per kilometre of more than 95 grams will be higher. Electric car buyers, in turn, will save a lot. The Kfz-Steuer car tax exemption for each newly registered electric car will be valid until the end of 2025.

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Persons working and operating in Germany are entitled to a Pendlerpauschale regardless of the mode of transport. From New Year’s 21 km, the Pendlerpauschale amount will increase from New Year to 35 cents.

New rates of road fines 

The reform of the mandate rates has been stirring emotions for a long time. Due to legal inaccuracies, the federal states refused to implement the new rates adopted by the federal government this year. If the federal states and the government in Berlin reach an agreement soon, in 2021, fines for exceeding the speed limits and for traffic violations that endanger the lives of cyclists will significantly increase.

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