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Merkel warns, “Follow the rules! The health system is approaching its human and structural limits. “

Germany could be facing a health system collapse: German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged her fellow citizens to comply with the new anti-epidemic restrictions in force on Monday (November 2nd), in particular by drastically reducing contacts between them so that a positive outcome in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic can be reached by the end of November. This is so that December can be “bearable.”

The chancellor also warned that the health system is getting closer and closer to its human and structural limits, which no government can allow, Agerpres reports.

“It is in the hands of each of us to make this November our common success, to reach a turning point,” the head of government in Berlin told a news conference. “If we manage to slow down the virus in the next four weeks, then we will have a bearable December,” Merkel added, warning of the fight against COVID-19 that “the light at the end of the tunnel is still quite far away.”

Corona in Germany: Merkel declares ‘Lockdown light’ to start from November 2nd

As for the winter holidays, especially Christmas, she said that this year they will be reduced to small family reunions. “It will be a Christmas under the conditions imposed by the coronavirus, but it will not be a Christmas alone (…), we must reflect on meetings with close family members, probably with precautions,” Merkel said, adding that on New Year’s Eve , ie on New Year’s Eve, there will be no big celebrations this year.

But she did not rule out the possibility that the new restrictions, in force for November, could be extended if the situation required it, should Germany health system collapse.

“We are getting closer to the human and structural limits of the health system. No government can allow this, neither the German government nor I want to allow it “, Merkel also said at the press conference, according to the EFE agency.

Restaurants, bars, theaters, cinemas, gyms and swimming pools have been closed in Germany since Monday, and concerts have been canceled. The meetings were limited to a maximum of 10 people from two different households and the population is urged to avoid non-essential travel. Overnight stays in hotels will only be allowed for professional travel, travel for tourism is prohibited.

The aim of these severe measures – but not as restrictive as in the spring, when non-essential shops and schools were closed – is, according to Merkel, to limit the economic effects as much as possible and to keep schools and kindergartens open.