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Germany Covid Vaccination: Unvaccinated people could face loss of wages. Could this be forcing them to vaccinate?

Germany vaccination: The federal government wants to put even more pressure on the unvaccinated. There could be deductions from wages as this will change soon in these federal states.

Anyone who has to quarantine is entitled to compensation in Germany . However, this may change soon for the unvaccinated. The first federal states have already decided to suspend payments.

Health Minister Jens Spahn, 41, CDU said Wednesday that unvaccinated workers would have to accept wage deductions in the event of a quarantine

“I don’t understand why others would pay if someone does not get vaccinated free if they can,” Spahn said.

The costs incurred by the federal states for the payment of compensation for quarantined persons in the last year and a half are approximately EUR 458 million! North Rhine-Westphalia paid out € 120 million. Bremen paid around 4.7 million euros, Saxony 25.1 million euros and Bavaria 83 million euros.

The Infection Protection Act governs that workers are entitled to compensation if quarantine results in loss of earnings. But also according to this ordinance, the claim can be waived if quarantine can be avoided by vaccination.

  • Baden-Württemberg is the first federal state where, from September 15, compensation will no longer be paid to unvaccinated people in the event of quarantine. In Rhineland-Palatinate , from October 1.
  •  No specific date was given in Hessen .
  •  There will be no changes to payouts in Berlin for the time being.
  • ︎ In  Bavaria , payment decisions will be made on an individual basis.
  • ︎ Many federal states have not yet decided on a new regulation. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern  and  Schleswig-Holstein want uniform rules throughout Germany.