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Germany: Prices increase for many products

While inflation in Germany has so far been mostly focused on soaring energy prices, there is now a risk of a price increase in many products, and not just food products.

Pasta prices up by as much as 25 percent

This year, pasta producers are particularly hard hit. And not only because of the increase in energy prices and transport costs. “Wheat production this year is insufficient, it may be a very difficult time,” Pasta King’s Paolo Barilla said in an interview with Reuters.

Summer heat waves wiped out the wheat harvest in the world’s most important export regions, even in Canada and Russia. Consequently, pasta prices could rise by up to 25 percent.

Another rise in the price of toilet paper

We are facing another rise in toilet paper prices due to rising pulp prices and logistics costs. In April this year. Its price increased by 5 percent.

How much will it cost soon? It is said that the prices of toilet paper are expected to rise by as much as 10%.

Henkel Product Prices Increase

Already in the summer of this year. German chemical concern Henkel has announced a price increase for these products: Persil, Pril, Bref, Somat & Co. According to Lebensmittel Zeitung, the prices of Henkel’s products will increase by 12.5 percent.

It should be emphasised that all price increases refer to the chain of stores. How much customers will actually pay for these products is still unknown. However, both supermarkets and discounters are also struggling with rising energy and transport costs, so it is very likely that we will have to pay a bit more for many products soon.

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Price increase for soft drinks and juices

The prices of non-alcoholic beverages and juices will also increase. According to RTL , the price of Coca Cola will increase by 7 percent, and soft drinks in PET and glass bottles will be 3-4 percent more expensive.