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Germany: Mother murders 5 of her children in Solingen, court rules on life sentence

Germany: A mother in the western German city of Solingen has been given a life sentence for murdering 5 of her children.

The 28-year-old woman in Solingen has been served a life sentence for the murders of the 5 children.

The 28-year-old woman in Solingen has been served a life sentence after she allegedly sedated and suffocated her children after seeing a photo of her husband with a new partner.

What ruling did the court arrive at?

The judge labelled the murder a great ‘tragedy’ because the woman was found to have a seriousness of guilt meaning she would be able to apply for parole 15 years into her sentence.

DW wrote that,’The woman was accused of sedating the children at her home and then suffocating them in the bathtub in September of last year. The ages of the children ranged from 18 months to 8 years old.’

The woman’s eldest child, age 11, happened to survive due to his absence from the home at the time of the murder of the family.

It was reported that the woman remained silent about the allegations during the trial and that she had also tried to take her life by jumping in front of a train after the crime occurred.

The acts of the woman have been said to be out of jealousy and in spite in that he had witnessed a picture of her husband with a new partner and had sent him a message saying he would never be able to see his children ever again. Then, murdered the 5 children.

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German media DW reported that, ‘Her attorney wanted the defendant to be acquitted of the crime due to lack of evidence. The defence had also recommended a manslaughter conviction and 8 years in prison if she is not acquitted, along with psychiatric treatment.’ 

An expert appointed by the court found the woman did not suffer from a serious mental illiness. 

The crime shocked the nation, with mourners holding a vigil in Solingen to grieve and remember the murdered children.

Source: DW, AFP, dpa