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Germany: Ministry of Health reduces COVID-19 certificate validity to 3 months for the recovered

Germany COVID-19 certificate validity: The ministry of Health on Monday confirmed that it had reduced the validity of the COVID-19 travel certificate from six months to three for convalescents (those recovered).

Germany shortens COVID-19 certificate validity for those recovered.

This means that people who had been infected with coronavirus within the last six months and had the status of convalescents will face a reduced period of three months to their certificates.

The Robert Koch Institute in Berlin on Friday published on its’ website information that stated that the Omicron variant gives a shorter immunity window hence the convalescent certificate should only be valid for 90 days.

The previous six-month period was valid when the Delta was the dominant variant.


Mandatory vaccinations for healthcare service workers and staff from March 15th

By March 15, 2022, all employees in German hospitals, nursing homes and similar institutions (healthcare stuff in general) must present proof that they are either vaccinated against or have recovered from covid-19. (We wrote about it here: Work in Germany 2022: 5 major changes affecting all workers)

RND.d reported that employees unable to provide proof of vaccination or status of convalescence after March 15th risk being suspended from work.

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