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Corona in Germany, government declares end of the obligation to work remotely

Corona: Germany will not extend the obligation to work remotely after June 30th. This comes as another step towards the country’s return to normalcy after months of the coronavirus restrictions.

The law had made work places to oblige to let employees work remotely or from home during the time period when cases of corona in Germany were high.

The decision has been justified by the state of falling cases of the coronavirus infections in the country, commented the head of the Federal Chancellor’s Office Helge Braun in WirtschaftsWoche weekly.

The failure to extend the obligation to work remotely is another step by the German government towards returning the country to normal after months of restrictions and lockdowns.

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On Friday, June 11, Foreign Minister Heiko Mass reported that as of July 1st, Germany was lifting coronavirus restrictions on travellers from most countries in the world. We wrote about EU countries you can travel to after vaccination.

The regulations apply to travellers from countries where the number of new infections is not more than 200 cases per 100,000 residents and where there is not a large number of infections with new variants of the coronavirus, this is India and Great Britain.

On Monday, June 14, it was reported that Health Minister Jens Spahn had spoken in favour of lifting the requirement for outdoor masks.