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Germany: Berlin Transport Company urges passengers not to wear deodorant

Berlin’s transport operator BVG is appealing to commuters to stop using deodorant. This is taking aim at those who leave their noses exposed by asking those who use the public transport means to not use deo.

Masks have become compulsory in public due to the coronavirus pandemic but this message is one that does not seem to matter to some. So body odour has not retorted to being used as a weapon.

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“Given that so many people think they can wear their masks under their noses, we’re getting tough,” the company declared in a bright yellow ad posted to social media.

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Mouth and nose coverings are mandatory on public transport and in shops in Germany as part of efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus. People who flout the rules face steep fines. Still, it’s not unusual to see people wearing masks incorrectly — usually by covering just the mouth, leaving their nose out in the open.

The BVG said it was hoping to harness the power of body odour, which can be especially potent on a packed underground train in summertime, to help offending mask-wearers change their ways. It suggested people forgo deodorant, adding cheekily: “So, now do you still want to have your nose out?”

Source: BVG