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Coronavirus in Germany: Kenyan woman makes a killing off selling trendy masks

A Kenyan financial expert living in Germany makes good money off of manufacturing and selling protective masks that curb Coronavirus infection in Germany. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic that took a toll on many countries and infections rates were soaring, so many people needed masks to reduce the rate of infection and protect themselves. With many companies producing simple and disposable masks, Koko Kay, a Kenyan woman based in Frankfurt, Germany, decided to make them differently.

The partial-lockdown at work in Frankfurt provided her with ample time to sew fashionable and reusable facemasks using the knowledge she acquired in Home Science in school. Koko says she solely produces 80 pieces of different classic designs of protective facemasks a day. The demand for her designer facemasks went so high that she had to ask her family members living in the Netherlands to join in to boost production and supply to different parts of Europe and beyond online.

Koko says the masks are made with four layers of carefully selected cotton fabrics for men, women and children of different age groups. Their selling point is that they are reusable after washing, making them economical. Even though the pandemic came with a windfall Koko prays that it ends as quickly as it came.

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