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Germany: 3,000 people celebrate “Corona Concert” resulting in violent riots and police attacks in Frankfurt

German police announced violent riots in central Frankfurt on Saturday night. Police reported that about 3,000 people were celebrating in the opera square (Obernplatz) in the German capital, when the riots began.

And the Opera Square in Frankfurt has become a popular gathering place for what the media call “Corona concerts” since bars and nightclubs are still closed to contain the outbreak of the new Corona virus. The celebrations started peacefully before they turned into violent riots.

According to the police, there was a fight in which 18 people took part in the Opera Square around 3 am Sunday, German time. 

One of the participants remained in the brawl on the ground, when the police wanted to intervene, during which time their members were attacked, they were hurled with bottles, in applause from the spectators, five policemen were wounded, and then the opera square was evacuated.

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The police added that 39 people had been arrested as a result of the riots in Frankfurt, and 9 of them were still in pretrial detention this morning.

Gerhard Peirisville, head of the Frankfurt city police, told a news conference that the police will discuss at a security conference with city officials what measures need to be learned from these events.

Peirisville expressed his shock at what the city witnessed, describing the riots in its centre as a “comprehensive negative address” of what happened in the past weeks. He went on to say in his press conference, “It is a bad thing. It was brewed during the past days and then it exploded tonight.” 

“In terms of number and quality, I have never seen anything like this in Frankfurt,” he added.

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Peirisville added that the police officers were subjected to a “major” attack by throwing bottles from a group of 500 to 800 “troublemakers”.

It is noteworthy that the city โ€‹โ€‹of Stuttgart had witnessed recently violent incidents that aroused interest in Germany. Where vandals destroyed shop windows and looted them.

Source: Abwab.