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Germans stock up again as fears of coronavirus second wave hit leading people to raid stores

Social media in Germany swarmed with photos of empty store shelves with the hashtag #papiertoaletowy in fear of coronavirus second wave. Due to the growing number of coronavirus infections and fear of another lockdown

The FAZ daily noted that Germany is starting to stockpile, similar to this spring, when the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic began . Hygiene products, pasta and preserves are again disappearing from supermarket shelves. The newspaper recalled that in March sales of toilet paper in Germany were twice as high as in the previous year.

Due to the increased purchases of hygiene products, queues formed in front of drugstores and supermarkets such as Lidl and Aldi last weekend. Online stores also recorded increased sales of toilet paper.

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“Bild” reports that the first street vending machine with toilet paper has appeared in the street of one of the German cities The machine was installed by Hakle, the producer of this product. You can also buy tissues and disinfectants from the vending machine.

the head of the German government, Angela Merkel, appealed to all residents of her country to stay at home. “Please avoid meetings that aren’t really necessary,” she said. “The relatively quiet summer is over, now we’re facing difficult months.

The coming days and weeks will decide what winter will be like, what our Christmas will be like, ”she argued, appealing for individual responsibility.