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You will be fined 25,000 euros in penalties for disregarding the coronavirus quarantine

Foreigners coming to Germany from high-risk coronavirus areas, including some travelling from parts of Africa who did not make the EU list must undergo a 14-day quarantine upon arrival, which, if ignored, may result in a fine of up to 25,000. euro.

In the press release published on Thursday, the Institute of Roberta Koch (RKI) restricted the entry of people into Germany even for those visiting of which entails the possibility of being quarantined.

You can undergo a free coronavirus carrier test within 10 days of arrival, but even with a negative result, you must resume the quarantine that was interrupted by this test if symptoms of a coronavirus infection appear within 14 days after arrival.

There is also an obligation to present the test result to the authorities upon their request or to undergo any test ordered by them.

Where does the coronavirus quarantine fine apply?

These rules are valid throughout the country. As agreed by the senate, persons travelling through Germany in transit are excluded from all these regulations.

Some of the restrictions in force in Germany for foreigners coming from high-risk coronavirus areas are federal state. There are differences not only between the individual federal states, but even between their regions.

In the Bavarian district of Cham, bordering the Czech Republic, cross-border workers were ordered to run tests every 14 days. Bavaria’s national prime minister, Markus Soeder, declared on Wednesday his intention to introduce the obligation to carry out weekly carriage testing of those people who had been in the danger zone over the previous 14 days.