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‘Foreigners yes, Afghans no’- Taliban prevent local staff from leaving Afghanistan for Germany. No hopes of rescue

Evacuation in Kabul: The German government is negotiating with the Taliban to free local staff in Kabul that are being prevented from leaving the country. According to ”BILD” the Taliban have shut down the airport and sources confirm that no Afghans are allowed to enter the airfield as long as they do not have another passport.

Foreigners yes, Afghans no’ – that is the slogan of the Taliban. The group have set up checkpoints all over Kabul and only allow foreign nationals through to the airport. ”Bild” reported that the Taliban justifies this with the will to prevent the emigration of skilled workers. Those affected, however, fear the worst – execution.

The Federal Ministry of Defence have come up with another theory that the Taliban could be preventing the local staff from leaving to use them as leverage for negotiations in Doha. This means they will be used as bait/ bounty or human life for political concessions.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (54, SPD) confirmed on Monday that the federal government is seeking contact with the Taliban.

It is unknown whether everyone will get saved from the Taliban hell. The Bundeswehr captain Marcus Grotian was not very hopeful: “If we can save anyone here at all, then we will be very lucky,” said Grotian from the sponsorship network for Afghan local staff.

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Evacuation from Kabul: Only 7 people made it to the Bundeswehr plane

Source: BILD