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8 changes in Germany in February 2021

February 2021 changes: New regulations worth knowing about will come into force in Germany. Here’s what changes to expect:

Hard lockdown

Although the German government decided to extend the hard lockdown in Germany until February 14, there has been talk of an extension for several days. During the meeting on Sunday (January 24), Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that it was still uncertain that the planned opening and gradual easing of the pandemic blockade could take place in mid-February. 

She explained that she wanted to reverse the order of the easing of restrictions. “We have to endure the opposite of what was planned: kindergartens and schools first, then shops, then restaurants,” she said. Read more HERE .

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Foreign travel restrictions

Due to the rapid spread of new variants of the coronavirus, Germany also thinks of reducing air travel to virtually zero and increasing border controls. However, the travel ban is not supposed to apply to everyone. You can read about who it may not apply and when it will probably become effective HERE .

Kindergeld payout in February 2021.

Kindergeld Child Benefit  is a monthly payment for  each child . In 2021, the rates will be as follows:
EUR 219  for the first and second child
EUR 225  for the third child
EUR 250  for each subsequent child.

The date on which the  allowance will be transferred to the account depends on the Kindergeldnummer number  , and more precisely on its last digit. You can read about when it will be paid out in February 2021 HERE .

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Extended deadline for submitting the annual tax return 

The deadline for submitting the 2019 annual tax return is likely to be extended due to the coronavirus pandemic of February 28 to August 31. However, only in cases where taxpayers use the assistance of a tax advisor or an income tax assistance association (German Lohnsteuerverein). To date, however, this change has not yet been adopted by the government.

Strong authentication when paying by credit card

PSD2 is the second Payment Services Directive. It introduces the so-called strong authentication – this change will be felt the fastest. It mainly concerns logging in to the bank and payment authorization and consists in the fact that at least three credentials must be used. Until now, two were enough: login and password. After the changes, you will need one more – it can be an SMS code, confirmation of logging in to the bank’s application or biometric data.

Stricter two-factor authentication rules for credit card payments will not apply in Germany until March 15, but this change is being introduced gradually. From January 15, 2021, payments over € 250 must be made using just two-factor authentication. From February 15th, it will already apply to payments over EUR 150.

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New limits for patients under the care of nurses

From February 1, 2021, new limits on the number of patients under the care of one nurse during a shift will be introduced in German hospitals in many wards.


  • In general surgery, during the day shift, the maximum limit of patients under the care of one nurse will be 10, and in the night shift, 20.
  • In the internal medicine and cardiology departments, nurses will be able to look after up to 10 patients simultaneously during the day and 22 at night.
  • In the cardiac surgery department, a maximum of 7 patients on the day shift and 15 on the night shift.
  • In neurology, a nurse will be able to look after a maximum of 10 patients during the day shift and 20 at night.
  • In pediatrics, the maximum patient limit will be 6 per day shift. At night, the limit will increase to 10 people.

WhatsApp postpones the introduction of new data protection rules

WhatsApp has decided to postpone the new data protection rules until May 15th. Until then, the application is to dispel the doubts of most users.

No rock gardens in Bavaria

Rock gardens for animals and climate living in the area are not the right solution. Consequently, from February 1, Bavarian cities and municipalities will be able to more easily prevent property owners from creating a rock garden with immediate effect.

“The municipalities themselves know best how to regulate a local project in cities and municipalities in the most sensible way,” said Construction Minister Kerstin Schreyer (CSU). “That’s why we give cities and municipalities more room for maneuver,” she added.