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Visa for jobseekers – How to come to Germany to look for work

A non-EU citizen who would like to come to Germany to look for work can do so by first of all applying for a jobseeker’s visa at the German Embassy.


This visa allows you to come to Germany for up to six months to look for work on condition that you have a higher education diploma which is recognised in Germany.

You also need to have enough money to cater for your expenses during your stay in Germany while looking for work.

It is important to note that as a holder of a jobseeker’s visa, you are not allowed to be employed.

But as soon as you find a suitable job, you can apply for either the EU Blue Card or a residence permit in Germany without first having to depart the country.

You can also remain in Germany while your application is pending.

It is equally important to note that a jobseeker’s visa cannot be extended.

Once it expires, you must spend at least as much time abroad as you spent in Germany looking for work.

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