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Krankenkasse in Germany. How to choose the best health insurance in 2021

Krankenkasse in Germany: There are over one hundred different health insurance funds in Germany! Which is the best? Which is the cheapest? Which Offers The Best Healthcare in 2021? 

Since health insurance is compulsory in Germany , choosing a health insurance fund (Krankenkasse) is a formality that must be undertaken by everyone who settles in the country.

According to information conveyed as of January 1, 2021, there are as many as 103 different health insurance funds in Germany . From the new year on, they raised contributions, even if they say they don’t.
How exactly does it look like? We present the difference below:

The mere fact that there are so many different Krankenkasse in Germany raises many eyebrows and misconceptions about them.
Which is the best? Which is the cheapest? Which Offers The Best Healthcare?

Which Krankenkasse in Germany is the best? Analysis.

There are plenty of health insurance funds, but the coverage of their benefits is the same as they have been imposed by the legislature. We know, we know, there are some “extra” services that some have in their packages and some don’t. 

These include for eg. Visits to the homeopath, bonuses for pregnant women, the return of premiums if you do not use the doctor, funding of trips for active holidays, etc.
That’s how these additives can be considered important in the field of health care is left to the opinion of each.

One thing is certain: no matter which Krankenkasse in Germany you choose, you will be guaranteed full health protection in the field of necessary medical appointments, treatments and operations.

Which Krankenkasse is the cheapest?

The subject of the amount of social security contributions in Germany can greatly heat up any discussion. What do you need? Judge for yourself. The facts are:
All health insurance funds in Germany have the same basic contribution, which is 14.6% of our gross income. In addition, each Krankenkasse also has a so-called “Zusatzbeitrag”, that is, an additional fee. The differences in the amount of additional contributions are slight. In 2021, they are as follows:

  1. The lowest additional contribution from the health insurance fund is 0.3% of income
  2. The highest additional contribution from the health insurance fund is 1.7%

The average “Zusatzbeitrag” from all health insurance funds is therefore 1.3% of your gross income. This means that in 2021 the total cost of the monthly social security contribution will amount to an average of 15.9% of our gross income

If we work full-time in Germany, then half of the social security contributions are paid by the employer (7.3% of our gross monthly income).

Which Krankenkasse in Germany offers the best service?

Many or at least the most popular health insurance funds in Germany have hotlines not only in German, but also in foreign languages.

They all aim to provide the best possible service to patients. All of them have bureaucratic problems. However, it is difficult to talk about any big differences in service.

Higher premiums for health insurance in 2021

From 1 January 2021, the upper limit for premiums has been raised from € 881.26 (2020) to € 928.80 (2021). This change applies to all health insurance funds. This means that even if a health insurance fund did not raise the amount of the additional rate (“Zusatzbeitrag”), a higher premium will still be charged for people with higher income.

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