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Kindergeld in Germany: Will Child Benefit Rise in 2024? Find out here!

Kindergeld – Child benefits in Germany. Kindergeld in Germany 2024. The child benefit (Kindergeld) was last raised at the start of 2023 to 250 euros per child, a notable increase that was warmly welcomed by families in Germany, offering them much-needed financial assistance. However, it remains uncertain whether the child benefit will stay at the same level in 2024 or if there are discussions about further increases.

Is Child Benefit (Kindergeld) increasing in Germany in 2024?

There won’t be any allowance increase in 2024. The last increase in family allowance occurred in January 2023, raising the benefit to 250 euros per month for each child. Starting from 2025, the family allowance will be replaced by a completely new benefit called Kindergrundsicherung.

This new benefit will be accessible to all parents working in Germany, even those whose children reside abroad. However, before the family benefits reform takes effect, here’s what’s we know about Kindergeld in 2024.
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How much will the Child Benefit be in 2024?

Kindergeld is a monthly benefit paid in Germany for each child. According to current information, the amount of the family allowance in 2024 will remain the same as in 2023, at 250 euros for each child, as reported by According to German media, starting from January 1, 2024, the child benefit in Germany will be:

  • for 1 child: 250 euros
  • for 2 children: 500 euros
  • for 3 children: 750 euros
  • for 4 children: 1,000 euros
  • for 5 children: 1,250 euros

Starting from January 1, 2024, parents with low incomes in Germany will also receive an additional child benefit known as Bürgergeld (Citizens’ Income). There has been a notable increase in this benefit. For young people aged 14 to 17, the rate of social benefits rose from 420 euros to 471 euros. Children aged 7 to 14 will now receive 390 euros, an increase of 42 euros. For children under 7 years old, the rate increased by 39 euros, reaching 357 euros.
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Additionally, parents in Germany who receive Kindergeld can also qualify for a supplement to this benefit, known as Kinderzuschlag. This supplement was raised at the start of this year to 292 euros for each child. Previously, the maximum amount per month per child was 250 euros.