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Kindergeld payment dates in April 2024: Here’s when you’ll receive your child benefit

Kindergeld – Child benefits in Germany. Kindergeld payment in APRIL 2024. The Family Benefits Fund sends money to people every month on different days. The day you get paid depends on the last number of your Kindergeldnummer. Kindergeld is money given to all kids, even those who live in other countries. Some parents can get extra money too. This extra money is called Kinderzuschlag and is for families who aren’t rich but can still support themselves and don’t get social benefits. How much extra money you get depends on how much money you make, and it’s gone up a lot since 2024. These are the payment dates for Kindergeld and Kinderzuschlag in APRIL 2024.

Kindergeld in Germany in 2024

In 2024, the benefit amount remains the same as the previous year, at EUR 250 per month per child. However, starting in 2025, the family allowance is set to be replaced by a brand new benefit called Kindergrundsicherung, or basic child allowance.
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Payment of Kindergeld child benefit in April 2024

Beneficiaries should be aware that benefit payments may experience delays throughout the year due to weekends and public holidays. In Germany, there is no guaranteed specific date for Kindergeld payments. Payment schedules in Germany are determined by the last digit of the Kindergeldnummer. Beneficiaries with the last digit 0 receive their payment at the start of the month, followed by those with the last digit 1, and then 2. Payments for individuals with the last digit 9 of their Kindergeldnummer are made at the end of the month.

Here are the payment dates in May:

  • Last digit: 0 – 4 April
  • Last digit: 1 – 4 April
  • Last digit: 2 – 10 April
  • Last digit: 3 – 11 April
  • Last digit: 4 – 12 April
  • Last digit: 5 – 15 April
  • Last digit: 6 – 17 April
  • Last digit: 7 – 18 April
  • Last digit: 8 – 19 April
  • Last digit: 9 – 22 April

Addition to Kindergeld in 2024

An addition to Kindergeld, known as Kinderzuschlag, is a monthly supplement provided to families in Germany. The allowance amount is contingent on the family’s income. Starting from January 1, 2023, following the implemented increase, Kinderzuschlag can be up to EUR 250 per month per child. This child allowance is accessible to parents with a moderate income.