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Financial support for parents: Get up to 195 euros per child with the new educational allowance

Kindergeld – Child benefits in Germany. Educational allowance in Germany. The state provides support to parents beyond child benefits. Low-income families and single parents are eligible to apply for additional subsidies. Those entitled to Kinderzuschlag or housing allowance can also receive the “educational and participation allowances“. These allowances are intended to assist parents in covering the educational expenses of their children. This year, the education allowance has been increased to EUR 195. Here’s who is eligible and how the allowance must be utilized.

Educational allowance for children in Germany

Education and participation benefits encompass both monetary and non-cash assistance. In welcome news for parents, the school supplies allowance has been raised from €174 to €195 for the 2024 school year. This allocation includes €130 for the first half of the school year and €65 for the second half.
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Educational and participation services also include the following aspects:

  • One-day trips and school trips lasting several days organized by a school or day care center.
  • Coverage of public transport ticket costs for students (no own contribution is required for travel outside school transport).
  • Coverage of costs for appropriate learning support for students.
  • Free shared meals at lunchtime in a community center, day care center, school, or day care facility.
  • A monthly lump sum of EUR 15 for social or cultural activities, such as joining a sports club or music school.

Who is entitled to educational and participation allowances?

Parents who are already receiving Child Benefit or Housing Benefit are eligible for these educational and participation benefits. Additionally, benefits are available until children reach the age of 25 if they attend a general or vocational school and do not receive remuneration for training. However, in some cases, parents who do not receive welfare benefits but are still unable to meet their children’s educational needs may also qualify under a needs-based solution.
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