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How to find a job in Germany with psychologist Evelyne Mueller’s tips

Tips on how to find a job in Germany by Evelyne Mueller.

Work in Germany. One of the things that people often need help with when moving to Germany is how to find a job to be able to earn a living. What do you need and where can you get it? We share tips by psychologist, career coach and AFRONEWS Awards Best African Teacher, Coach in Germany Award winner 2022, Evelyne Waithira Mueller on how to find a job in Germany. Here’s what you need to know:

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Evelyne Mueller wins AFRONEWS Award for Best African teacher/coach in Germany 2022.

1. Ask locals to go through your application for you

Local people or the people who have been living in Germany would be best to go through your resume as they would best know which format in which to apply, wording and helping you know the best way to arrange your text.

They would be the ideal people to show you how best to edit your application to match the job you desire to apply for because ‘small’ issues can make you miss out on an opportunity.

2. Get your certificated accredited in the country

One of the best ways to make sure your application goes through the door is to get your certificated accredited and when sending forms for the desired job, make sure you add the foreign degree and the accredited certificate.

‘When something is foreign it arouses suspicion.’

3. Look out for short contracts

This is a perfect way of applying for a job one is not very well knowledgeable in but also these short contracts are not very attractive to locals as they prefer longer contracts.

Evelyne shared that what many tend to miss is the fact that some of these short contracts build your foundations in the work industry but also offer the necessary training for the work environment and are great experience builders.

“Such jobs are not very attractive for German people so they tend to want permanent contracts or three-year contracts … if you see such short contracts apply for them because the competition won’t be so stiff and your chances of getting the job are higher.”

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4. Don’t only apply for jobs you fit the requirements for, apply widely

“Don’t let your requirements deter you from applying for the job.”

If you come across a job that you like and you want to apply for, it is best to show how you are suitable for the job despite not having all the qualifications. Leverage on the qualities you posses and what you can demonstrate as a great resource.

Explain how you would be the best fit for the job and how and what your backing is for it. The main goal is to get invited for the interview and from then you can explain yourself.

5. Look for English speaking jobs

Evelyne shared that many of these jobs are perfect for foreigners and at times are in the big cities but you could come across a job that requires an English speaker be it in marketing, advertising etc in your area.

Also if moving is required, then why not move and chase the opportunity at hand! It could open other opportunities for you in Germany.

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