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Nigerian refugee in Germany goes from fleeing his home-country to becoming best Journeyman baker

Nigerians in Germany: Nigerian refugee Idemudia Trust Osadolor (25) has gone from not knowing how to bake and even knowing what a pretzel is, to receiving the award as the best baker’s journeyman in September.

A few years years ago he could barely speak German but now he has three years of training and can bet almost any baker at his newly learnt craft. Idemudia Trust Osalor comes from a small town in Nigeria where he narrated that his mother made a living by selling ‘eggrolls’ – a dish made with wheat flour, sugar, water, salt and yeast and with an egg in the middle.

How did Idemudia Osadolor come to Germany?

He used to assist his mother in the prepping stage and as life went on he graduated and while in Nigeria, noticed that there were not many opportunities for him in his poor town. So he decided to flee his own country and came to Germany via Italy on November 23, 2015.

When he first landed in Germany, he was moved from one asylum seeker accommodation to the next. He lived in the Bonhoeffer house, in the “Bavarian Lion” in Bichl, in the Sparkasse and in the town hall.

Osadolor met an integration worker, Mathias Reiser, who took care of him during this time. He helped him ran errands and supported him in communicating with the authorities.

As an African in Germany, Idemudia Trust Osalor, had to hear time and again that people with black skin did not suit Germany. He told ‘‘ “Everyone has their own thoughts about skin colour. Character is important to me.”

He was however not deterred by these racist remarks and wanted to become a part of the German community so he joined a football team where he did not know his journey to baking would begin, when he broke his ankle.

He attended language courses and quickly reached levels A1, A2 and B1 and had all the requirements for an internship he chose the bakery because it was familiar. The job required odd hours and it was difficult to combine with life in the asylum seeker’s accommodation.

His roommates did not understand that he had to be at work at 2AM and that he had to go to bed immediately in the afternoon.

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The Nigerian in Germany went to vocational school and passed his journeyman’s examination with flying colours and achieved 88.68 out of a possible 100 points.

He quickly became Anton Lugauer’s apprentice and he only has words of praises for his apprentice. He is not an amazing baker and an excellent in mixing doughs and putting together recipes.

Osadolor now lives in an apartment that his boss has made available to him and he can now sleep whenever he needs to. He has learned one thing above all in his 25 years of life: “If you have a plan in your life, you have to make sure that you fight your way through. I have to fight. Every day. As long as I live.”