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Gambians in Germany: 915 receive 18 Months Resident Permit, determined to contribute in various sectors

How 915 Gambians in Germany received their 18 Months Resident Permit.

AFRICANS IN GERMANY. Germany-based migration and human rights activist Yahya Sonko has revealed that more than 900 Gambian migrants in Germany received their 18-month resident permit recently and are determined to contribute to various sectors in Germany.

Sonko told that Germany’s new Opportunity Residence Act has paved the way for the issuance of residence permits to 915 Gambians in September. The Act, which comes in force in January of next year, has also given hope to more than 1,500 Gambians, whose applications for an 18-month residence permit were being reviewed, Afronews gathered from Sonko, who relied on the latest report of the Germany Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit).

The migration activist said Gambians in Germany have this year made significant strides in regularising their statuses as well as joining the labour force.

915 Gambian receive resident permit: How does Germany serve to benefit?

He explained that the latest German Employment Agency report showed that 9,070 Gambians are currently employed in Germany, paying taxes and contributing immensely to the development of Germany.

Sonko said the same report revealed that 2,570 Gambians did professional qualification and vocational training (Ausbildung) in Germany. “The Gambians are doing a lot to have employment and stay rights,“ he highlighted.

Foreigners, who legally live long-term on German territory, have a right to access federal integration services under the Germany Residence Act, explained Sonko. The services, he added, include language lessons, integration in training, work, and education, as well as social integration.

‘‘But it was the other way round for Gambians in Germany. Some regions and institutions in Germany make it very difficult for Gambians to benefit from basic integration opportunities. With all these challenges against Gambians in Germany, the Gambian immigrants stay focused and determined to challenge all obstacles towards their integration and residency rights,“ Sonko pointed out.

He advised Gambian migrants in Germany to be law-abiding and always consult their helpers and lawyers.

Bakary Ceesay, Germany based Gambian Journalist and Integration Activist, said these statistic show that Gambians are well integrated and ready to serve in various sectors in Germany society.

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He explained that Gambians are more willing to going to school did vocational training and contribute their quota in the society.

“We are see many now working in important sectors in Germany like health, hotel and catering industry, production company and regional administration offices that show that how hard working Gambians are in Germany,” Ceesay said.

He called for more open door policy as the younger generation are changing the narrative of been a good Ambassador in the various Germany cities they are living.