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Ausbildung in Germany 2021: How to apply for vocational training for Africans in Germany

Ausbildung in Germany 2021: For Africans in Germany, it can be beneficial to take up vocational training to be able to find work in Germany. Ausbildung is a formal educational qualification in the area of blue collar professions like sales person, painter, carpenter, nurse, butcher, or car mechanic.

Currently there are more than 320 professions for which you can do an apprenticeship. An Ausbildung takes 2-3 years of training in business and school and finishes with the degree of a skilled worker. This degree provides good chances for foreigners from all over the world to get a permanent work position in Germany.

How do I start a Ausbildung in Germany?

Africans in Germany looking for an apprenticeship program can apply directly in German companies.

Is Ausbildung paid in Germany?

Yes. You will receive a monthly salary from your employer of about 700-1.200 Euros. This is enough to cover a basic standard of living in Germany. After successful completion of your ausbildung you will earn somewhere between 1.800 to 3.800 Euros per month. Ausbildung is free of charge – you pay no fees!

How much do you get paid in Germany?

Ausbildung salary is between 800 and 1,200 Euro per month gross depending on factors as region, chosen profession and many more. After Ausbildung Africans in Germany can get employed as a skilled worker.

How long is an apprenticeship in Germany?

An apprenticeship in Germany lasts between 3 and 4 years, depending on the profession. If you already have some qualifications in the area of the profession it might be shorter for you.

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In which year and month can I start an Ausbildung?

Ausbildung are offered each year. They start in August or September only and all immigrants are encouraged to apply.

What happens after an apprenticeship in Germany?

Depending on the applicant’s country of origin, there is the possibility of permanent employment for Africans in Germany after the training. German companies are interested in permanent employment for most applicants and will generally make you a very good job offer.

Source: BAMF