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How African refugees from Ukraine face racism and discrimination in Germany

Africans in Ukraine Sumy
African refugees from Ukraine in Germany complain of racism and discrimination.

African refugees fleeing war in Ukraine complain of racism and further discrimination in Germany in comparison to Ukrainians.

Africans students have been major contributors to the Ukraine economy with no fewer than 80,000 students enrolled in Ukraine universities from Africa.

Many had a life where they were pursuing further studies but have now fled to different countries for safety and despite them fleeing the war together with Ukrainians, they suffer a different fate at the borders.

DW reported that some Africans students had stated that guards favoured and prioritised Ukrainians while third-country nationals were sent to the back of the queue.

Many come to Germany without family and friends and so rely on the government for assistance and also for the chance to continue their education.

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Nigerian Community Bayern, Germany raises funds to support Africans stuck between Ukraine and Poland border

Those who fled Ukraine reported to a Berlin Reception centre for people seeking protection where they were kept for a month with only Ukrainian nationals being selected for onward sorting and integration. Find information on reception centres here: Where refugees arriving in Berlin from Ukraine can get help – RECEPTION CENTRES

African refugees fleeing Ukraine for Germany have even been threatened to go back to their countries with messages such as, ‘you are not Ukrainians go back to your country!’

Many third-country nationals without Ukrainian citizenship — who may have lived for years in Ukraine — are excluded from the right to temporary protection as war displaced persons.

Other amenities that are available to Ukrainian citizens like; easy access to work, to schooling, to housing, universities etc. are not as easily available for African refugees and the difference in the treatment is visible.

Many want equal treatment for everybody fleeing Ukraine, including those who do not hold Ukrainian citizenship.

Source: DW