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Kenya Diaspora Alliance to host 8th Homecoming Convention to encourage Kenyans abroad to invest back home

Kenyans in the diaspora prepare to celebrate the 8th Homecoming Convention in December hosted by the Kenya Diaspora Alliance. This is an event to to discuss various economic aspects including economic recovery.

Kenyan Diasppra Alliance (KDA’s) global chairperson, Shem Ochuodho.

The event will be held between December 8-10th at Ole Sereni, Kenya and is an annual event that is supposed to bring together Kenyan Diaspora from all over the world for an amazing event to celebrate the end of a great year.

The Star wrote that, ‘this year’s event will bring together leading diaspora leaders and local captains of industry and seeks to spur a conversation about how to leverage diaspora remittances for the economic growth of the country, the region, and the continent.’

The KDA took note of the huge sum of remittances made being by Africans abroad and pondered on the fact that the right channelling of these funds would lead to exemplary empowerment of rural and urban poor communities to ensure the general economic growth of African nations.

KDA’s global chairperson, Shem Ochuodho, spoke about the event saying that it would be of great importance to the nation. He added that the convention is meant to bring together the diaspora community to be part of Kenya’s economic, cultural and social fabric.

Investing in the country’s economy is the main goal as it would also serve the purposes of giving Kenyans in the diaspora a voice in decision making.

The event will be a mash-up becoming both conference and Expo/Exhibition as well as an In-person/physical and virtual experience.

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The overall objective of the event is to sensitise diasporas on the opportunities available for them to invest back home as opposed to just sending money for consumption and subsistence – The star.

The convention is well known to bring together the largest of diaspora community of business leaders, opinion shapers, government representatives and other members of the industry.

The Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) continues to grow and opportunities for them will continue to arise.