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Jerome Boateng’ receives harsh criticism from sports reporter

Afro German Bayern Munich Player Jerome Boateng receives harsh criticism from sports reporter.

Ex Bayern player, Jerome Boateng’, receives harsh criticism based on his sportsmanship written by Chief Reporter of L’Équipe, David Fioux.

The reporter commented on the Champion’s League winner as being slow, unstable and overwhelmed in his new french team – Lyon.

Rarely are big names sighted in the French League and so Boateng should have been the one to light this torch. World champion, two-time Champions League winner, nine-time German champion. A real house number in the German league. And free transfer from FC Bayern! WE WROTE ABOUT IT HERE: Ghanaian-German football star Jerome Boateng’s contract at FC Bayern will not be renewed

The German-Ghanaian footballer was expected to lead young players with his experience, inspire with his game-opening talent and lead the club up with its coach, but instead none of this was witnessed.

The 33-year-old star was not even included in the squad in five of the last twelve games. He is at times absent through injury and when he does show up, he’s often on the bench until the end of the game.

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The reporter went on to say that the best way to understand the problem is when the footballer is on the pitch because you can fail to recognise him.

“Boateng is still strong in the air and can hit diagonal passes. But the world champion is slow and unstable. And sometimes overwhelmed!” he said.

Sports BUILD wrote, the footballer was said to be unfit to complete a whole game and lasts a maximum of 60 minutes – which is unbelievable for a centre-back. It was noted that the sudden end to his career at Bayern had kept him off training and so he had not trained with a team for a long period of time but the star has not regained his rhythm even despite being active for seven months since then.

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The footballer has even been highlighted as a negative leader and because he no longer delivers, he has lost the trust of his team.

‘One thing is certain: the Boateng from Lyon no longer looks like the Boateng from Munich.’

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