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“Jerome The Coolest Kicker”, story book for kids shows how sports can facilitate integration

Children’s book showing how sports can facilitate the integration of migrant groups into host societies is now available.


“Jerome The Coolest Kicker” by Diana Mac Omolo is a book about children playing football, working together as a team and sharing the joy of winning as a team.

Jerome and his family have just moved to their new home in Munich. The whole family is so excited about their new home. The children are excited about their new school too. However, Jerome and his sister find it difficult to make new friends around their new home. It is challenging and the parents are worried.

The annual Greenfields Football Tournament takes place and by a slight chance, Jerome is able to play for his class. The whole school is surprised at how tactful Jerome can play.

Ms Diana Mac Omolo, author of “Jerome The Coolest Kicker”
Ms Diana Mac Omolo, author of “Jerome The Coolest Kicker”

The Tournament is graced by Jerome as he leads his class to win the final match. It is a beautiful and an exciting day in Greenfields Primary School. Everyone wants to be Jerome’s friend after the match.

“Jerome The Coolest Kicker”, a short story book for kids by Diana Mac Omolo, is available on, and Amazon Kindle.

The author is a Kenyan living in Munich, Germany, where she engages in family and social welfare activities that empower women and create awareness of children and youth care issues.

Ms Mac Omolo is also the author of “Love Comes to Munich”, a contemporary literary romance.

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