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Researchers find reason why more men die from coronavirus compared to women

Men are dying more from the coronavirus as compared to women and this has been causing a phenomena with research stating why this is so. An investigation was done into the matter that proves why:

A study was conducted and in an article in the journal Nature Communication where British researchers got to the bottom of the question why more men. It was assumed that the different immune systems of the two biological sexes is the reason. Here’s why:

The body systems fall back on the immune system, this is the innate defence system that fights bacteria, viruses and other germs. Compared to the innate immune system, the acquired immune system only develops in the course of life.

Men and women access their immune systems different in that while men tend to rely more on the innate immune system, women rely more of the acquired immune system.

Wen fighting COVID the acquire immune system kicks and is more likely to be the better choice. Men are more likely to die from the effects of the coronavirus than women.

Professor Thorsten Buch who is a professor of laboratory Animal Science and the University of Zurichsaid that the ration is aound 60 to 40 –

Are women’s immune system more adaptable than men?

Professor Thorsten Buch said that he has been researching the relationship between the immune system and the sexes for 30 years. According to his thesis, the immune system of women is more adaptable and reacts faster and more effectively to virus infections than that of men.

The sex hormone oestrogen, which, in contrast to testosterone, stimulates the body’s own defences, probably contributes a particularly large part of this.

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According to the book, the X and Y chromosomes are also crucial for the immune systemImmune genes that fight viruses and bacteria are stored on an X chromosome. In contrast to men, women have a second X chromosome, which is advantageous in terms of a virus infection such as Covid-19.

This is however contradicted by the fact that women are more prone to autoimmune diseases because they have to fight diseases more than men but also statistically, about four in five people with an autoimmune disease are female.